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Souffleries centrifuges
Systèmes de sécurité
Pompes à vide

"Low payload" Robots 3 to 16 kg
"Medium payload" Robots 30 to 60 kg
"High payload" Robots 100 to 240 kg
"Heavy duty" Robots 360 to 570 kg

Special applications robots

- Foundry Robots
- Palletizer Robots
- High-Precision Robots
- Robots on rails
- Robots mounted on wall of ceiling
- Robots for freezer rooms

Various tools, adapted for many applications, according to the client's needs.

Turn-key construction of industry-specific cells

- Welding Cell
- Palletizing Cell
- "Pick and place" Cell
- Machining Cell
- Assembly Cell
- etc...

Mécano Industrie offers a real-time computer-assisted simulation service that will make projects planification and execution easier and quicker.

Kuka Sim Layout (simulation)
Kuka Sim Pro (simulation)
Kuka Office Lite (programmation)
Kuka PalletTech (application)
Kuka ArcTech (application)
Kuka BendTech (application)
Kuka LaserWeld (aplication)
Kuka LaserCut (application)
Kuka Load (planification)
And many others....


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